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Isolation Gowns

Disposable Level 1

Premium Materials

Our premium disposable gowns are used by hospitals, medical facilities, engineering, medical uses, and more.

Design and Fit

Generously sized for complete coverage, they keep chemicals and viruses on clothing and off the skin. Polypropylene isolation gowns are conveniently designed with easy neck and waist ties.


Isolation gowns are used to protect the wearer from possible contamination by the environment around them. Non-surgical gowns are AAMI Level 1 gowns used in minimal risk situations, such as during basic care, standard isolation, cover gowns for visitors, or in a standard medical unit.

Level 1 Reusable Gowns

Simple Back Tie

With an open back design, you can conveniently adjust the tie at the neck for a secure, yet comfortable fit.

Adjustable Waist Tie

Whether you like your dress to fit tightly or to be comfortable, the adjustable waist twill tapes will keep it in place.

Washable Fabric

The polyester fabric can withstand over 50 industrial wash/dry cycles*.